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Quick Links. Read and understand aH safety precautions in this manual before operating. Fairure to comply. Lea y comprenda todas las precauciones. Si no cumple con las instrucciones de este manual podria ocasionar lesiones personales. A responsable de ning0n daSo por no acatar estas. Table of Contents. Oilless, single stage, direct drive, electric air compressor 24 pages.

Single stage, belt drive, electric air compressor 8 pages. Daily Startup Basic Air Compressor Components Draining the Tank Assembling the Compressor Checking the Oil Changing the Oil To help you recognize this information, we use the following symbols.


Please read the manual and pay attention to these sections. Pour vous aider identifier Fanature de ces informations, nous utilisons les symboles suivants. Como ayuda para reconocer esta informaci6n, usamos Fossiguientes simboFos. Lea por favor eFmanuaFy preste atenci6n a estas secciones. The electric motor see A powers the pump.For those not in the know, Kobalt air compressors are made for the Lowes Home Improvement store chain.

However, since the Lowes store locator is found on the Kobalt site this is likely not the case. We infer that the Kobalt line of air compressors is still being built for the Lowes stores chain by a number of different air compressor companies, rather than being a stand-alone company owned by Lowes. Coleman Powermate made the Kobalt air compressors some years back as well.

Who makes the Kobalt line of air compressors for Lowes now? If you know who is making the Kobalt air compressors currently, please add a comment at the end of this page. The other two are application specific tire filling models. It does not appear as though there is any formal after sales service network for Kobalt compressors. Since the Kobalt line of compressors has been build by a number of different air compressor manufacturers over the years, knowing which company made your Kobalt compressor is always a challenge, so it is not easy for you to get to the manufacturer to try and find service that way.

What we suggest is that you visit the Lowes store where you purchased your compressor, and ask them if they have a local compressor repair shop where they send air compressors for repair under warranty. The store may or may not have such a source. If no luck there, browse to find a compressor repair shop in your city. Many of the compressor repairs needed for air compressors such as the Kobalt are common to many brands and a good shop should be able to help you out.

Kobalt air compressors come with a manual when they are new. If you have an older model, with packing and paperwork long gone, or are acquiring a used Kobalt air compressor, getting a manual for it is important.

No information is available from their website about compressor manuals. If you can get the information from the Lowes store where you bought your compressor as to what company actually made the compressor you purchased, contacting that company will generally result in getting a manual.

If your Kobalt air compressor is a Powermate model, you can visit the Powermate manuals page, find the model that looks like yours, and download a free manual here. If you are using a Kobalt air compressor, others would be interested in your experiences.

Feel free to add a comment. How do you remove the tires? I need to change the tube in one and cannot get the darn thing off. Have had 2 Kobalt compressors. Both were nothing but trouble. If you ever happen to need parts for one,good luck. Never again will I spend my money on thier trash. Mobil 1 with a different brand e. I just recently purchased a Kobalt two-stage air compressor, model XC, item May of The booklet states that it takes Does anyone know how much it takes?The Jalopy Journal.

Terms of Service. Privacy Policy. Log in or Sign up. Atomic Industries www. Register now to get rid of these ads! The H. Time to invest in a decent compressor. This unit seems to be abput what I need and the price is right. Does anyone have experience with this unit or kobalt compressors in general? Is Flat-FootApr 15, I didn't buy that one, I bought the 2 stage with the 30??

Works fine for me, quiet, enough air etc I just use it for running impacts and air ratchets. That one will probably run a lot with a DA or constant grinder use, but those use a ton of air, the bigger tank helps. Should be enough for home use for most guys, if it was a production shop I would be looking at something different. I don't think that one will keep up with a lot of air tools if you really use them and it won't keep up with a small sandblaster at all.

It will work ok but I think you will outgow it pretty quick and be looking for something bigger. The best deals on air compressors around here seem to be at AG related stores similar to Tractor Supply. I'd go for two stage and 5hp at least. Mr48chevApr 15, Hmm, I had looked at an ingersol rand at tractor supply but it was the same cfm at 90 and it was a hundred dollars more. I bought that same compressor at Lowes about two months ago.

It's worked fine for me. I can't see a small home shop needing more. A commercial shop might but it works for me. I checked the same compressor at TSC and is Smilin JackApr 15, Bought one of those about 2 months ago. Seemed to be a lot of compressor for the money to me. I've run a blast cabinet, various air tools, and done some small painting chores with it.

I tend to run out of ass before it runs out of air when sanding. Home use, work by my self, and I'm happy with it. Your milage may vary. Jack types faster than me. Entry level, nothing more.

You will find yourself lusting for a two stage soon.Price: Add to Favorite Refer Friend. You may return any purchase for any reason within 30 days of your purchase date. To receive a prompt refund, please contact us to receive a valid RGA Return Goods Authorization number see instructions below. Your Condor-USA. Should you incur a defect or failure for any reason during this period, Condor USA will replace your product at no additional charge.

To receive your replacement part, simply follow the procedure below for obtaining a valid RGA number. Contact us by email info condor-usa. Once all needed information is provided, we will email you the assigned RGA Number and a return packing slip. Upon receipt of the returned product we will process a refund for a Purchase Return to the credit card originally used to purchase the product for the original value of the product or we will send a replacement for a Warranty Return.

Unfortunately, shipping costs cannot be refunded. Let us help you find or customize the appropriate switch. Send a message or speak with a Condor USA representative now. Contact Condor. You are here : Home. Air Compressor Switc MDR1 Euro. Specifications Accessory type Other Air tool type Accessory Included No additional components or accessories are included Maximum pressure bar 11 Height in. Related products and accessories:.

Looking for something else?Kobalt air compressors are designed to perform well in large-scale, heavy-duty jobs while being as compact as possible and easy to move around. These air compressors are great for use in wood workshops as well as in residential garages.

The best Kobalt air compressor will have a max tank pressure of PSI, will have a Volt 5 HP motor, and will be able to run a broad range of air tools. In this article, we are going to take a close look at the top Kobalt air compressors. The first part of this article discusses some of the most popular air compressors from the Kobalt product line according to their tank size, mode of operation, and best applications.

This 80 Gallon compressor is designed to cope with a wide variety of heavy-duty jobs, from sanding, painting a car to repairing a jet engine. However, Its heart is a massive Volt, 5-HP, heavy-duty induction motor that generates tremendous air pressure to let you operate a wide range of tools for a longer period.

This 2-stage stationary electric air compressor by Kobalt is equipped with a durable cast-iron, oil-lubricated air pump. Furthermore, o ur testers were a bit surprised to find out that this robust unit does not include a power cord. Instead, it should be connected to a dedicated power outlet that is at least Volt. Notwithstanding its space-saving design, this large air compressor is meant mostly for industrial use. Looking at this well designed Kobalt unit with a sixty-gallon tank, one just cannot fail to notice that this air compressor has been constructed for maximum space-saving.

Also, Its tank is vertical and has to be secured to the ground or other flat surfaces with screws and bolts. In other words, we recommend that you install it in a corner, close to a strengthened power outlet.

On the other hand, w e do not recommend that you power up your compressor from a generator. The unit pulls high amps on startup, and this can cause sag from the generator and provide a poor power supply that may shorten the lifespan of the motor.

This ingenious design allows for easy maintenance of the motor and the pump. Also, t he motor generates a maximum pressure to operate a wider range of tools — paint sprays, massive nail guns, rotary tools, grinders, etc. This Kobalt, two stages, stationary electric air compressor features a cast iron, oil-lubricated pump. This compressor does not include a power cord.

It should be connected to a dedicated power supply that is Volt, ideal for garage and workshop applications with a space-saving footprint. Compared to the previous two compressors, this little fellah is more suitable for use in the workshop or the car paint shop, but not on the construction site.

After all, its tank stores only 26 gallons of compressed air, which means shorter tool run-times. The heart of this compressor is its 1. This is a portable unit equipped with two heavy-duty semi-pneumatic wheels. Hence, you can tow the compressor around the workshop using its strong handle with a comfortable grip.

We recommend this compressor for automotive maintenance jobs and heavy machinery repairs. Also, It copes well with medium-duty spray painting, nailing, and finishing tasks. Further, the LK model can power up most framing and roofing nail guns, as well as inflate heavy truck tires. This compressor also has two quick-connect air fittings for multiple tool operation. Ideal for automotive maintenance repairs, medium-duty spray painting, nailing tasks with the finish, framing and roofing nailers, as well as high-pressure inflation.

This compressor also features two quick-connect air fittings for powering multiple tools. Canister air filtration extends life and reduces noise to 78 dB A per ISO for a quieter work environment. The vertical configuration takes up less space while 7 in. Wheels provide maximum portability between work sites. This Kobalt air compressor that with 8-gallon tankhas a horizontal design.We are making things easier for you, auction specific shipping information coming soon.

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Kobalt XC302000 Electric Air Compressor Parts

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Kobalt Air Compressors

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Buy them all. I like turtles. L4: Apprentice. Non-incentivized user. This price is available at 2 lowes stores in the country: Issaquah, WA and Renton, WA and and each store has 1 available.

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